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  1. Ava, I for one would love to see the video of the Kesh fingering. Never too much information, especilly for a slow learner like me! David
  2. Hello! I am the proud owner of a lightly used Hohner from the HMT and am having a great time so far. (thank you Wendy!) I have mastered the Saints Go Marching In and am trying to move up to the Kesh Jig. I have the music in G and am wondering if there is a preferable fingering method? I am using both rows and it seems to work but would love some advice. Also, on a related note, is there anywhere I could find online recordings of some of the simpler tunes played slowly? Or is that a job for the computer software programs? thanks a lot and I am very happy to have joined the concertina family. David
  3. Well, I've gone and done it! After sifting thru all the advice I bought a used Hohner 20 button from the HTM. I must say that Wendy was extremely helpful. She went thru the used instruments and found a very nice Italian made Hohner in mint condition. I am having a blast trying to play it. If I do say so myself, I can now play a mean version of 'The Saints Go Marching In'. (guess my learn to play book) So thanks for all the advice and I'll be back with endless questions I'm sure.
  4. I appreciate the advice you all have been giving. I have noticed the different arrangements of the anglo style buttons, parallel to the flats of the box and however you would describe it when the button rows have the point of the box perpendicular. I also have not quite been able to decide on which system to try. As a complete musical novice I am looking for a not toooo complicated system to learn on. Part of me thinks that the the English Jackie from concertina connection would be perhaps the way to go. Melodies and ballads as opposed to lightning fast jigs etc. I think are more my speed. Thanks again and I look forward to reading more. Dave
  5. I hope you all are not tired of the "what to buy" question so here goes. Has anyone got an idea of how to rank the various cheap concertinas available on ebay or the various music stores? I would to start on a better instrument but money is an object at this point. I will probably be bidding on some of the interesting sounding instruments online, but would love more advice. Thanks again Dave
  6. I just found this site and am now entertaining the usual thoughts; do I want to try to learn the concertina, can I afford to get one, so on and so on. So, are the cheap one ones on ebay a complete waste of money? I am not a musician by any means, but my Irish grandfather did play athe concertina! With practice can a non musical blacksmith learn to squeeze out a few tunes? Thanks, David
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