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  1. I actually did show up, even though Eva said she couldn't. I figured if she took it seerious, so might someone else.


    Anyway, I too could use the occasional sit down with an English style player, not really being interested in playing Irish music. Listening is just fine. I can sit down with a sheet with the tune and play a melody just fine, and in several keys at this point, but the left hand chording still is difficult fof me especially putting it all together. It doesn't take long for me to memorize a melody. I think I need to probably do the same type of thing with the chording, making note of the direction of the notes on the other side. (Admittedly both Jody and Brian have told me this.) Then there is putting the voice over the top of it after I learn the rest.


    I still think the occasional get together here is a good idea. With as many players as we have here, we can act as mutual support if nothing else.




    Sorry again about not being able to join you last weekend, Alan! I still definitely agree about getting a group of us Mid-Ohioans together from time to time, since we seem to have a decent number here. Saturdays and Sundays are generally good for me, including this week and next. Any other Buckeyes up for it some time soon? Sounds like Randy is spread thin, but maybe a quick meet-up would work into his schedule.


    Thanks again.

  2. Hello Eva O,

    I live in northern KY close to Cincinnati, OH. Cincinnati has an Irish traditional music school, Riley School, that meets on Saturday mornings.



    Wally Carroll does the advanced concertina class and Tim Clarke has been doing a beginners (just one person at present, I believe). Both are excellent players and instructors.


    As far as Columbus, OH area players: You've met Alan via this forum already. An Irish trad string musician, Randy Clepper is working on anglo and so is a fellow named Brook, who attends Riley School. I think there might also be an attendee from this summer's Noel Hill camp in your area as well. And I believe Jeff stallard, who belongs to this forum, plays an english concertina.


    So I'd say you have the makings of a support group in your area.


    Presently one of my main areas of attention is the repair and refurbishment of concertinas. So you may want to be in touch when you are ready to move up to another instrument. I'm also available for workshops or private lessons.


    Hope to meet you soon,



    That's a great lead, Greg, and I've already e-mailed Wally to follow up and find out more. Good to know you're available for both repairs and for private lessons too. If I decide I can't face driving to Cinci every weekend throughout the winter, I may check with you to see if lessons once or twice a month would be possible.


    Many thanks for the great info!


  3. There are a handful of us around Columbus, but nobody at instructor level. I still think it would be nice to get everyone together once in a while just to play and talk. Actually, if we had a group together, maybe we could get someone like Jody to come out and do a workshop. Greg J does the occasional beginners workshop in Cincinnatti, but it sounds as if you are past that. I am perfectly willing to get together with anyone around town to talk 'tinas.






    Great ideas! If we could get a group together, I know that no matter at what level each of us is playing, an exchange of ideas and advice in person would be very helpful. It certainly would be great if the power of our numbers was enough to get someone here for a workshop. Thanks for the suggestion of meeting up - I will do my best to swing by Borders at 1:00 on Saturday, 11/3 so we can talk more.


    I would actually be very interested in a beginners workshop in Cincinnati. Where can I find more info about Greg J so I can inquire about the next planned workshop?


    Thanks much,


  4. Eva_O


    What musical styles/traditions do you aspire to play?



    next door in Pennsylvania


    Hi Ken:


    I am still figuring that out, but I enjoy Irish style very much. I'd also like to be able to accompany singing for folk and seafaring tunes. I think I read in another forum here recently that the Irish style features the concertina as the "lead" instrument, while the English style is more about accompaniment. Assuming this is true, if forced to choose, I'd probably go with the English style at this point.


    I'd be curious to know of the styles you find most in PA, Ken.




  5. I'm brand new to the concertina, having purchased a humble Hohner D40 20 key Anglo just a month ago. I've started off with the Absolute Beginners Concertina Book, and last week I started to work through the great John Williams DVD that so many have recommended (with good reason!). While I feel good about the progress I've made on my own so far, I know that before long I would very much like to study with an instructor. Can any of you point me to someone in Ohio? Central Ohio would be ideal, but I'd be willing to travel to Cleveland, Dayton or Cincinnati once a month if necessary.


    I know there were some fantastic workshops over the summer that I managed to just miss, including one in Cincinnati. I will look for those again in Summer of '08, but I'm hoping for some guidance before then.


    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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