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  1. FOR SALE: R. Morse & Co. "Ceili" Anglo concertina, G/D, Jeffries layout, rosewood - stained cherry ends, with fitted case.

    BARELY used, less than one hour ! Made 2007, bought for $1825.00 Asking price $1300.00



    I live in New Jersey and would like to buy your concertina.


    I can drive and pick it up this Friday


    Please let me know.



    Bill Rodewald

  2. This is the instrument I started on and having just bought my fourth vintage Wheatstone I think it's time to pass it on. It is a 48 button treble EC with metal buttons, accordian reeds, all metal linkage for the action, and an air release button (right side near highest notes, not near the thumb). It is in tune at concert pitch. It is a reasonable starter instrument.


    Hobgoblin US is sels this model new for $915. This one is about 4 years old, generally in as new condition. My asking price is $400. I'll send it with a gig bag.


    Larry Stout


    post-1317-1187366089_thumb.jpg post-1317-1187366143_thumb.jpg




    I'm just starting out and this looks like what I need. Let me know if you still have it for sale.


    Bill Rodewald

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