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  1. > if you plan on playing harmonies the 4 fold would not give you as much air This is my biggest concern, but the more I think about it the more I lean towards the stance of "I can probably learn to work around anything" Plus when I think about what I play there are chords but not so much "harmonies" (in the sense of two parts going at the same time) Best 8bitmime
  2. Good afternoon Ken, I knew I was forgetting to include some vital information. No - I unfortunately cannot try either of them since they are in the UK and I'm located in the US. I was unable to find any dealers near me (northeast US) that had something that interested me and was in my price range. That is the primary reason I started looking across the Atlantic. Best 8bitmime
  3. Hello everyone, Long time reader, fist time poster. I'm looking to buy my second concertina, I've narrowed it down to two instruments - a 56 button (non-aeola) extended treble wheatstone or a lachenal paragon. Both have steel reeds, both come from reputable dealers and are fully serviced. The price difference is about 100 gbp The biggest difference is that the wheatstone only has 4 bellows, and the paragon has 5. I like to play mainly English folk music and American folk music. Sometimes I like to play the blues, and sometimes some classical (I played the violin for 15 years so it comes with the territory). I'm wondering which of these two instruments I should get - I'm leaning toward the wheatstone for no other reason than it is a wheatatone - i.e. name recognition. I know thus is ultimately a personal decision, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on which way to go - any thoughts are appreciated since I'm pretty stuck trying to decide. Thank you! 8bitmime
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