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  1. I have a concertina connection Elise Hayden and am looking to upgrade. I want to see if there is  anyone willing to buy my Elise before purchasing a better concertina.

    $420, but taking offers

    Low A vibrates only when bellow direction changes other than that I have found no issues.

    In the US, but I will take offers from the UK if you are willing to pay for shipping

     I will post pictures of anyone is interested.

  2. I have an Elise Hayden duet. I play from music that is not made for concertina (namely flute, piano, and sax) This music is not made for concertina, and thus has sharps and flats that don't exist on my concertina. I was wondering if there is a substitute for those notes. Should I shift down or up a few notes so the sharps and flats I do have can line up with the notes that need them or what? I am playing a lamentation so the small difference between sharp, flat and natural is pretty audible. Any suggestions help please.

  3. 1 hour ago, David Barnert said:

    Here is the music that all other versions are based on. You can ignore the unusual note head shapes if you’re not familiar with shape-note music and just interpret it as an ordinary musical score from which you can make your own arrangement.




    Edited to add: If you want o hear the above sung in 4-part harmony, here’s a video. It is, needless to say, my favorite shape-note piece.


    BTW, they’re singing in G minor. Matthew played it in D minor, and the above abc notation in also in D minor (it says F, presumably swtoabc doesn’t distinguish between F major and D minor).

    Which treble line would you recommend playing?

  4. On 8/11/2010 at 1:55 PM, MatthewVanitas said:

    As some of y'all may recall, back in Spring I came soliciting advice as to whether to get a duet concertina or some other variant. The duet folks convinced me, so I bought an Elise, and have been mucking around with it on deployment.


    This clip is one of the results: my arrangement of "David's Lamentation" an old shape-note tune.


    My playing is still pretty rough, and being indecisive between "free" rhythm and having some form of phrasing I ended up with an awkward combination, but for someone with only a couple months mucking around whilst working 12hr days 7 days a week, I'm reasonably pleased thus far. Any tips on things I'm doing wrong would always help.


    Thanks to all those who helped convince me to get an Elise, and I continue to recommend Hayden duets to friends interested in squeezebox.



    I know this post is old, but is there any possibility you can provide sheet music for this on the Elise?

  5. Hi, I am looking for anyone in the Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire area who has a concertina they are looking to give up or sell. I want to learn duet, but I will use whatever is available. I would like to get one from an actual person because I would like to be able to feel it first.



    David Audette



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