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  1. I guess I should have mentioned the type/style of music I'm interested in. Being I like several different styles I'm not sure what to call it other then maybe oldies but goodies, but then I like some of the newer stuff. I like folk music, older style country, ballads, some jazz, older style blues. Mostly stuff like Blue Moon, Sweetheart Tree, Whatever will be will be, Tammy's in love, Bohemian Rhapsody, Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White, Danny-Boy, Down on the corner, Everything Is Beautiful, Misty, Red River Valley, Riders In The Sky, Shenandoah, The Streets Of Laredo, Una Paloma Blanca, Waltzing Matilda, Riders on the storm, alleycat, chiquitita, Green Onions, The Entertainer, House Of The Rising Sun. Just to name a few.............. I'm thinking along the lines of a Anglo but not sure..............
  2. Hello everybody, ya got the bear here. Looks like I opened a can of worms when I asked what was the differance between a Concertia and a Accordion. Lets see what this one does........ OK here is my question: I have decided to take up playing the concertina. I now play the harmonica but because of my emphysema its getting to be a problem. But before investing into a concertina (living on a disability income makes money a scarce item around the bears den) I need to figure out which one to buy. Being that I play (and understand the layout) a diatonic harmonica I thought I should get a concertina keyed like a diatonic harmonica. (I believe they are called Anglo concertinas). Keyed in a C/G tuning. However I was wondering if there is a Anglo style concertina with the C/G tuning that also has say an extra row of buttons to get the sharps & flats? Any advice and or suggestions will be more then appreciated.......... Thank You bear
  3. Wow, this thread is so cool. I have learned a lot from everybodies posts. Like I said above I'm new to the concertina (and somewhat new to harmonicas). But thanks to everybody here I know which concertina I want to get. Since I already know the note layout on a diatonic harmonica I'm going to try and get me a 20 or 30 button Anglo concertina. Any suggestions as to which one I should get? Is the Hohner concertina any good? I know their harmonicas are. (most of them anyway).
  4. Being new to the forum if I screw this up please foregive me............. Keep in mind that I'm still a rookie to playing music. I'm no musician and a rookie to playing the harmonica but thought I'd post this. It got to be better then that midi link posted above.......... This is my humble attempt at Last Of The Summer Wine on the harmonica.. Last of the Summer Wine
  5. Hey guys I'm new around here and new to the concertina but have been playing the harmonica for a short time now. I play mostly straight harmonica (as opposed to playing cross harp or 2nd position). Although I live in the USA the show Last Of The Summer Wine is one of my favorites. And your 100% right. The song sounds fantastic on the harmonica. One has to bend a few notes to get it right but it still is a fantastic tune to play on a harmonica and should be on a concertina as well.
  6. To start with I want to thank David for correcting my spelling. I'm a lousy speller and need someone to keep me straight. Next, Thank you all for the answers. I think I have got it straight now.
  7. Hello everybody, I'm bear a newbie here. And somewhat new to the concertia. I need some one to help me out here. I have seen people talking about conceretinas and the show a picture of a accordian, or at least what I thought was an accordian. Can some one tell me the difference between a Concertina and a Accordian, and what others call a "Button Box"? I know trhe differance between a English and Anglo concertia. I know nothing about accordian. Any help will be more then appreciated.............. Thank You.........
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