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  1. I would be happy with 4500 euros means what it means : maybe I should say "I would be happy and very surprised to have 4500 euros".


    A few months ago we saw these concertinas sold for more money, but any serious and reasonable offer is welcome.



  2. It seems that it is not a good time to be a seller...


    I'm not able to keep my Suttner and wait for better times.


    So I hope that a player will buy it, and not somebody who will hold it until 'recovery of irish economy' ...


    Now I know that I will not recover my money, but still I have for sale a loud and very easy to play new Suttner A3 with ebony ends, and a 26k rosewood lachenal, both C/G. If somebody wants pictures, you can see my previous posts for these instruments.



  3. Hello Malcolm,


    The concertina was not sold because of me...when I offered it in October, I did just collect it (25th september 2010) from Juergen Suttner. I immediately received many offers, but I could not accept the idea of letting it go. So I said it was no longer for sale, it meant "stay away from my baby, ugly thieves!!!"

    But now I think that the idea made its way in my mind, and I'm ready to let it go.

    The price of 4900 could have been 4200, 5200, 4500, 5000, 3900, and in any case I could find arguments to explain it.


    The price list of 2008 says 4030 euros for that instrument, but I bought it at the previous price: Juegen's invoice says 3900 euros. (3670 for the concertina, and 230 for ebony ends).

    I went to Siegen twice, so I thought it was reasonable to ask for helping cover the cost of these trips, as I was happy to come to Ireland or somewhere else in europe to meet a serious buyer, and deliver the concertina without adding shipping costs. If I asked more the second time, the reason is explained in TomBilly's post and my reply...I dont have any judgement, opinion, about people making money with buyer's work. But although I did not want to act like that, it suddenly appeared to me that people could take financial advantage aboput it, and I wasnt comfortable with that.


    I hope that I'm understandable.

  4. I understand what you say. And agree with you, except that I also understand the makers asking for non-refundable deposits.

    Four years ago, my situation was completely different than now, and I could expect to afford that concertina. And believe me, each time that I see the photos of my posts, I'm about to change my mind once again. So although I'm not proud about it, I must be honest and say that if I sell it a little more, it is more acceptable for me. BUT one thing that would be even more acceptable for me would be to sell it at a fair price to a player. I said that I can't really afford it, but I don't need to make money with it.

    I was just thinking about that...I read many things about these deposits, but I never asked Juergen or another maker if an arrangement could be found if somebody wants to let his place on the queue to somebody else...for the maker, it doesnt make any difference, in most cases he doesnt even know the buyer's face..so it allows all kinds of deals, betrayals, revenges, murders!!!

  5. Hello,

    For some reasons I didn't sell my concertina, so it is still for sale.

    One of the reasons is that I read previous posts from the potential buyers, and I saw that most of them have a long story of purchases, selling...business with concertinas. I was asking about 4400 euros when it seems that it can be sold for much more. So I decided that I will ask 4900.

    I can come to England, Ireland, or somewhere else in Europe if somebody wants a brand new Suttner A3, C/G anglo with ebony ends.

  6. OK...I have a brand new Suttner A-3 concertina, wich means Wheatstone/Lachenal layout, C/G, ebony ends, 7 fold bellows in black... and I can't keep it.

    Of course it is a loud instrument, very easy to play, it comes with the Suttner case.

    I will not try to have as much money as possible, just make me an offer. 2008 pricing says 4030 euros for that instrument. I went twice to Siegen, for the order and the collect of the concertina, I would just like the offer to take account of that. I am in France, north of France, but i can come to Ireland, I planned to come in the next months..........



  7. If somebody wants, I can send MP3 recording to show that my concertina has the warm tone that you expect from a good Lachenal, and also that you can play at a reasonable tempo, and also articulate ornaments when its not too fast. Like I said in another post, the only thing is that there are only 5 folds to the bellows, and like Chris Algar told me "these things come the way they are...", so assuming that it's a 5-fold bellows concertina, I would say that it is in good shape and good working order. Like I said, I paid it 895 pounds, wich meant 1250 euros including bank and post costs.

    I suppose that it would cost a little more now..........

  8. I try to add a few pictures...I read a few things these days about bellows patching, including pages on this website... I think that the bellows of my concertinas are in good ondition, although they will need some day to be patched in a few corners. But still I can play daily on it, and it works...

    I am not a seller at all, so this forum is the only place where I try to sell my concertina, so I will do the donation to the website if I sell it.


    Thanks for looking,

    Vincent Brusel.

    PS..does anyone know if I priced it well?post-1592-074662800 1284309899_thumb.jpgpost-1592-008738400 1284309990_thumb.jpgpost-1592-069206300 1284310045_thumb.jpg

  9. My choice was to go from the stagi W15LN for a 26k lachenal, because it costed much less money than the 30k, and you have C#, Bb, and all that you need ... the only limitation of these instruments are the bellows, they have 5folds, like the 20k, so if you want to play very long bass notes, chords............

    I played very much more on the Lachenal that I did on the stagi, it is a more motivating instrument


    I have one for sale!!!

  10. I had the chance to have a few workshops with different teachers, Michael O' Raghallaigh, Ernestine Healy and Michelle O'Sullivan, and it was only with Michael that I got the stagi, for the others I had the Lachenal: I could do anything with the Lachenal, because if you have a look at the layout you will see that you will have all that you need with 26 keys. You will only miss the A low out and the G low in, and a three other buttons like that, but these notes are available somewhere else among the 26 keys..it is already a deep mine to explore.. If you have a look somewhere to the layout you will understand what I say.

    But to answer to you question, the stagi was nice to begin, because you don't have to play fast at first, and in fact you'll never need to play faster!!! I just found it too big for a concertina, I would just say that the air button is too far from the thumb, although I don't have especially small hands, and it can be a problem, as it is an important key. But once again, the most important thing that decide me to upgrade was the sound..it is not a 'real' concertina, even if it has to be played and hold like one

  11. Hello,

    In a few words I can tell you about my short experience..I first bought a Stagi W-15 Ln, around 500 euros 5 years ago, and sold it 300 euros 3 years ago. I did just buy a 26-keys lachenal rosewood from Barleycorn, wich was much more expensive(895 pounds), but I was really happy to dicover it: Lachenal are really good concertinas, with a warm sound and a strong personality in tone. As a beginer, I think that you will not need the 4 more buttons, in fact you can play almost anything with the 26 keys, you will only have limitations for a few chords, but the joy to have "real" concertina, smaller than stagis, with a far better sound is in my opinion a better choice. It is much more motivating to play on such instruments.

    Mine will be for sale, as I will go to Germany next month to collect my brand new Suttner, ordered 4 years ago...I played it a lot, but it is still very nice, not far from the condition I bought it. The bellows are still doing their job, but they did suffer a little, so for that reason it will be an interesting bargain.........I'm in France, north of France...


    Vincent Brusel.

  12. Hello Geoff,

    I'm happy to read from you here (I'm Vincent, we meet in Tocane almost every year, I'm the father of Sam, Jean and Rosalie, the kids playing with Bijou, we've had nice moments in July with Richard and Gaby... you see?)....it is not the right place to write to you, so I just wanted to tell you that I can't do anything for you about english concertinas...At least it is one less track to explore for you!!!

    Bye, see you and Gaby next year,



  13. Hello Davids,

    I'm really sorry that the concertina is sold, you did an impressive cosmetic work, and when you said it play superbly, I must say that I wanted to have it!!!

    I haven't look to this forum for a long time, because I already have that 26k lachenal. The job of that concertina was to help me wait, as I ordered an A-3 to M. Suttner almost...4 years ago. So I just had news from him and the concertina is built now. I should just be the happy man, but I'm really short. I will empty the dephts and corners of my house(it is not a Big House) to go to Siegen and collect it, but I'm affraid I can't afford it.

    I understand the people of this forum who want to have as much money as they can from their concertinas, but it is not a business that I like. Your price was very reasonable, that 's why I replied, it is my first post although I registered 4 years ago!

    So I was thinking, when I read that you restored a lot, maybe some day you'll have another one...

    mine is 189292.

    I'm not sure of what I will do, but the concertina I ordered is a C/G A-3 with ebony ends, if I decide that I can't keep it, I will sell it for it's price plus twice the way to Siegen(4 years ago and next month), I would say 4500 euros.

    In fact I would just like to upgrade from mine, with a six or seven folds bellows, and more playability...I love the concertina but it is not my main instrument, so maybe I can have this with something else than a splendid Suttner.

    I'm writting all these things, but I suspect that when I'll get it everything will be clearer...

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