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  1. Who admits to having more than 40 concertinas?

    (And that up to them, especially if they were bought unplayable and are being restored)

    If, for instance, two people put their "hoards" on the market, it would make a significant dent in the situation, but what would happen the year after? Back to the same situation?

  2. Isn't it true that only certain models/makes are "hoarded/collected" forcing up the price?


    Apart from Jeffries and Edeophones, most other concertinas are a level price across most makes.

    Without being derogatory, who really "needs" a Jeffries or an Edeophone, apart from the more advanced players or collectors?.

  3. I think it depends on how quick a learner you are - if you are quick, you might soon outgrow a 30 key english and find them limiting.

    Make a price comparison between a Jackie and a good second-hand one (that has been overhauled).

  4. I listened to it on 103.7 FM - an exemplary!!!! program - very trad.


    They featured a group of 3 Folkworks undergrads - I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed the live studio performances on Henry Ayrtons previous series.


    Peter - Michael Brothwell is the presenter - same person?.


    No, there is no mention of it at all on their website - It lists Nightsport on the 7-8 slot - a sign of things to come?.

    Hopefully it might take off and the other local stations take it onboard.

  5. Hopefully, this will become concertina related - soon.




    BBC Radio York launches a new series of folk programmes for North Yorkshire. Matt Youdale, Managing Editor, BBC Radio York, said 'Ever since Henry Ayrtons Thursday show finished in this region, I have said that I wanted to introduce a folk programme of our own. It has taken a while to find a suitable presenter, but at last we're there. We have a bright young presenter called Michael Brothwell, who has done a little work for us previously and broadcasts on student radio at the University of York'. Our intention is for Michael to present North Yorkshire Folk 7-8pm on Wednesdays, with a launch date of March 16th. We have deliberately chosen this time and day to dovetail with Mike Harding on Radio 2. Our programme

    will be heavily music-based (of course!), but we also hope to carry some interviews and live performances ­ and an events diary for North Yorkshire.


    Performers ­ you can help Michael by sending your CDs or offering to do a live performance. This is a splendid opportunity to raise the profile of folk arts in the region, so do get in touch with Michael with any suggestions.





    01904 540301

  6. My c/g metal ended anglo was recently overhauled by Colin Dipper and was described and stamped as a "jeffries". I showed it to Geoff Crabb who said, yes, the ends were "very probably" made by Crabb but on playing it, said the insides "definitely" came from Jeffries.


    What makes a concertina - the outside or the inside?


    Collectors (who gloat over them rather than play them) might say the outside.

  7. Steve Chambers is spot on - I brought up this subject, specifically for concertinas which did not have inserts drilled and tapped into the concertina to fix a strap to. (And also for larger/heavier concertinas)


    I have visions of looking like an American tourist (sorry guys) with two concertinas hung around my neck so I can swap anglo and english as the mood takes.

  8. "In spite of all temptations to take up curling or the concertina, the nation bravely shovels down an astonishing nightly average nudging four hours (television)" writes Christopher Howse in a Daily Telegraph Leader today.


    I have already emailed him to berate him as I regularly play the concertina and watch tv - and get told off for it - probably due to my vanishing cat trick.

  9. Rest assured, the Ministry of Culture (sic) that brought you the Doom and hopefully not the Southern-England Olympic Games (Northerners do not want them), has already ruled that if more than one person gets up to sing on their own during the evening, that counts as two people singing so will be in breach of the new law.

    After the number of Ministers who have recently resigned/moved from Education to Culcha, Meeja and Sport, they must know what they are talking about.

    Mike Harding was very brave and actually broached the subject last night on his R2 program regarding problems already affecting Whitby Festival and all Sam Smiths pubs (including Nellies at Beverley). Unfortunately, he only quoted his conversations with Kim Howells two years ago and was not brave enough to invite a Minister to be interviewed (on the evening of the BBCs new contract).

    Wait and see .... we told you so.

  10. After seeing a harness for a bass concertina (similar to that used for a big bass drum in a marching band), it struck me that similar could be made for English treble concertinas, to either hang around the neck or to put wrist straps on like some treble-baritones have (or both if you like belt and braces).

    Apart from anything else, it would save drilling holes on your box and one size would probably fit most trebles.


    Anyone else seen one / tried this idea?

  11. Derek,

    No, it is supposed to run fortnightly - one meeting for people that read dots (more englishes but the anglo players read well), the other meeting for people who just want to play (more anglos). We usually get at least a dozen concertinas.

    The anglo session (mainly Irish, Northumbrian and English ceilidh/Morris - search older threads for sample repertoire) is more or less the 3rd Tuesday BUT it is normally announced in advance (apart from this month).

    The english session (they play anything at all) has started to slip a bit but again, is announced in advance.


    The next anglo session will be March 22nd.


    Unfortunately, the kitchen is being rebuilt over the next 10 weeks so you will have to stop at the fish shop for pie and chips in the interim.

  12. Our usual monthly session will take place at The Royal Hotel,Dungworth near Sheffield tonight, the 22nd Feb, at 8.00pm.Everyone is very welcome.


    As an added bonus could I recommend that you eat (early) at The Royal Hotel, who serve the the best pies in the United Kingdom and also very fine beer.


    For directions and further information contact:-

    Mark Davies

    Home:0114 2851479



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