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  1. 1 hour ago, Ken_Coles said:


    Umm...if you want to support _this_ site, it is concertina.net (.com is another site). 😎  Cheers,



    Oh OOps. Ok thank you for the reminder. When time comes i dont think i will miss it/ Petri

  2. So i opened up one side and took a couple of photos. If anyone is interested send me a mail and i could show it via Skype or by phone. Email me/ pi.junttila@gmail.com If sold i will donate percentage to concertina.com. 

    / Petri




  3. On 6/15/2021 at 10:47 PM, Stephen Chambers said:


    There seems to be some confusion in the ledger entries for serial numbers 34518 and 9, involving a second-hand (rebuilt/reconditioned?) 67-key in 1943, and perhaps the entries for those numbers somehow didn't get filled-in originally in April 1937 - when your instrument would appear to have been made.


    The quality will still be good, but not quite as good as that of instruments made earlier in the 1930s, because these later instruments had started to include plywood (instead of solid maple), and "hook" lever-actions (rather than riveted).


    Seeing that it's in Sweden, and that it's a Crane-system duet concertina, I'd guess that it was made for Salvation Army use, in which case it would have been made in High Pitch (half a semitone sharp), but the pitch may have been changed to A-440 after the Salvation Army changed to that tuning in the 1960s.

    Thank you for the info/ Petri

  4. On 6/15/2021 at 9:40 PM, Peter Smith said:

    The concertina is a Wheatstone 48 button Crane duet concertina.

    I also have a Wheatstone 48 button Crane duet - number 34458 - so only 60 concertinas before yours!

    Mine has ebonised ends, is a great player and I love it! Its my 'go to' instrument, when I want to try out a new tune. 

    I paid £1200 for it 1.5 years ago, which I think was a fair price then.



    Thank you for the info/ Petri

  5. On 6/15/2021 at 6:44 PM, MattA said:

    Hi Petri!


    Is this a duet concertina? If so, I might be interested in purchasing it! However, I'd need to rely on others (who are more knowledgeable than I am) about how much it should cost. Also, I live in the United States, so is it something you'd be able to ship?


    Anyway, I'd be happy to chat more to see if this could be feasible, but if it doesn't work, that's fine too. Thanks in advance!


    Hi Matt, Im not sure about the import tax in the United States but sure we could figure something out. 

    You could mail me pi.junttila@gmail.com. 

  6. Hi, I own a Wheatstone Concertina, 48 buttons, serial number 34518. I am thinking of selling it.

    I am not a concertina player and doubt i ever going to be. How ever lovely instrument the concertina is. 

    If i am correct this would be made in the late 1930s? Not quite golden age but pre WW2. If it makes any difference in quality?

    It is in good condition the bellow looks and seems good. One button/reed is silent when pushed. Another one is out of key. So it will need a service to perform at its best.

    How much service is required and where and what would it cost if anyone have any ideas? Are there standard fees like with brass instruments?

    I tried to figure out the tuning with a Iphone chromatic tuner. The first row on the right side should be Db, C, E, D, Eb.

    So my final question is if anyone here is interested and what would it be worth/willing to pay for it?

    The Concertina is located in Sweden.

    Best regards,







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