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  1. I have an identical instrument Serial No 42759 Lachenal & Co, manufacturers, London.  I believe it was a Student model.  I am 87, and this concertina was in my grand father’s possession when I was born.  I have traced a transaction to a Miss YEATMAN (his surname) from the Wheatstone ledgers in 1853, a sale in three instalments, and would love to think that she was an ancestor of mine  …the wooden case has original velvet lining and is lockable, and the instrument plays well.  I would like to claim this provenance but no one has yet allied the Serial No to the Wheatstone entry.   I Would like to know the value of this family treasure. I live in regional South Australia where such folk items are rare.

  2. I am trying to date a family heirloom concertina,  LACHENAL, serial number 42759, an Anglo student model I believe.  I have no knowledge of why it had resided in our cupboard since I was born (1935) in Adelaide, South Australia.  I have some information from the Wheatstone Ledgers with our family name mentioned in a purchase in 1853.  If this serial number goes back that far, it will be a great story.  The rosewood fretwork, ivory buttons, intact faded soft velvet lining, and a restored bellows make it a lovely little instrument.  I would also like to know its worth.  Thanking you if I can trace its history.IMG_0599.JPG.d83c09bcaf542da5750596eb87e04622.JPG  


  3. I live in South Australia, have a family heirloom Lachenal Anglo student concertina 22 button in excellent condition, serial No. 42759 and would love to know date of manufacture?  An ancestral name Miss Yeatman is on the Wheatstone index, 3 payments (purchase order 969) in 1853.  I would love to connect this with the antique instrument I now have, in good working order.  I have tried to link in to this forum but can't seem to connect.  Please advise.  Thanking you.  Judy Pearce

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