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    Miniature painting, backpacking, machinery upkeep and occasionally just being around as a generally decent specimen of mankind (citation needed)
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The about me is pretty boring honestly. Grew up on a Christmas tree farm, attended middle, high, and college. Became a middle school social studies teach in Northern Ohio. Satisfied the call of wunderlust a time or two. escaped the fae court twice to my knowledge....you k now...typical shit.


I first saw a concertina during a brief stay in Doolin, the folk music capital of Ireland according to wikipedia, I suspect many of you will have heard of it. It was being played by a young girl outside of a tiny music shop and I admit i fell in love with the sound instantly for it reminded me of my Gran playing her accordion when i was younger. Then sadly the instrument passed from my mind for well over half a decade. I was home locked in my apartment, unable to teach my students, attend weekly D&D sessions, and at the time left to build a model or play video games or review lesson plans i'd have to leave for a substitute. 


On the third day, across my feed came a video of a wee lass playing The Britches full of Stiches for a flock of cows. thirty minutes later I had ordered a rather used old Scholer and thus began my adventures in bellow pumping.

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