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  1. 1 hour ago, d.elliott said:

    The removal of the 'Lachenal' part of the note identification disc, if one is fitted, was usually to accommodate the needs of dealers who were re-badging instruments with their own brand mark. Whilst you are looking, check if the reed tongues are steel or brass. Can you also clarify if the keys are metal or bone?


    You will also find, stamped inside, a serial number. This will probably help with identifying manufacturer and age.  The easiest to reed number is usually found stamped inside the woodwork of the bellows frame.

    Thanks for that.
    Metal buttons and will check the rest later.

  2. Hi All,
    I'm hoping someone can help.
    I have had a concertina passed to me from a guy in the village who's wife sadly passed away.
    I can't see any makers marks so i don't know what I have. I am tasked with selling it but as a melodeon player I'm a bit out of my depth.
    The strap adjusters are a bit different to others I've seen so that may be a clue.
    It all works apart from a couple of wheezy notes which I guess will just be valves.





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