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  1. I have been playing a Concertina Connection Busker for a few years and am looking to upgrade. I have ordered a Lachenal Edeophone 56 key from Barleycorn, but it has not shipped yet. I don't need the extra keys, but this appears to be an excellent instrument, based on the description, and Chris Algar's comments. What is the size difference between a 48 and 56 key Edeophone? The weight is actually less than my Busker, so that should not be a problem. I would appreciate comments.


    Best wishes,

    David Dahl

    Portland, Oregon

  2. Thank you for the suggestions regarding the wrist/hand straps for my EC. Would it be reasonable to attach the strap to the top using the same connection point as the thumb strap? And would the bottom connection be at the same offset from the edge as the top?


    Brass screws and inserts for straps are listed on the Concertina Connection website, and I am thinking about ordering a pair. The idea of drilling into my EC doesn't appeal much, but might be necessary to avoid pain.


    Thank you, and Happy 2021!

  3. Thanks, Geoff. I did contact William, but he suggested my main problem was improper technique. Unfortunately, I am attempting to use good technique as I understand it, and have no one to correct me. EC teachers are not easy to find in my corner. In any case, CC does not offer hand straps for a EC, so I am apparently on my own. I am curious though, where people get the appropriate leather for hand straps.

  4. Sandi, if you really wish that you had purchased an Anglo, you might contact William Wakker at Concertina Connection. I bet you would get a good trade-in with your Busker. As much as I would hate to loose an English player in the PDX area, you might find the social scene to be easier to find. We do seem to have more workshops and such for Anglo available in the Pac NW. I am content with my decision to play EC, but do wish there were more local opportunities.


    Best wishes,


  5. I got a Busker last year and have been loving it. This the only EC I have played, so I can't make any comparisons. I got it with the Wakker bellows and metal buttons. It may be a different animal than the stock model. As for being durable,  I don't know.  I take good care of it and have not had any problems so far. I enjoy playing my Busker and am glad I got it.


    Best wishes, 


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  6. I have been a lurker on this forum for the past three months as I waited not so patiently for my Busker EC from Concertina Connection. Yesterday it arrived, and I am thrilled. I don't have anything to compare to, but it seems very light and responsive. I got it loaded with metal-capped buttons and the Wakker bellows, so it is probably much like a CC Rose with fewer buttons. 


    During the wait I have listened to a lot of great concertina music, and especially enjoyed Simon Thoumire, and the Leveret CDs. Now I have a lot of patient work to do with much simpler tunes. I would appreciate knowing about EC teachers and players in the Portland, Oregon area. This is a hotbed of Irish music, so I expect Anglo is more plentiful. 


    I look forward to learning more about concertina, and sharing the journey with you all!


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