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  1. Thank you. This is really interesting about the inner thigh and will give it a go. I keep the instrument quite anchored but on the top of the thigh. I'm happy with the way my playing is slowly improving but I've been experiencing some terrible left shoulder pain - not very much when I'm playing, but really bad at night, for example.

  2. 4 hours ago, lachenal74693 said:


    The two titles flagged [2] in the quoted panel above aren't in my collection. Do you have ABC or dots

    for them?



    Thanks Roger, 


    Both tunes are here but I don't know anything about copyright issues! http://www.alawoncymru.com/alawon/Tunes/Tuneset.htm


    You need to search for the tunes as it's the titles of the sets that are in alphabetical order.


    I'm trying to learn by ear so that I can get something of the feel of good players (or attempt to!) and learnt the second of the tunes from here (from around 4 mins in). The arrangement is different and you'll hear that he moves from D to G. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2480292725565349/permalink/2592929214301699/


    What format is the file you shared? I can't seem to open it.




  3. Apologies, better late than never. I missed these later replies and stumbled across them now. Many thanks everyone!


    A few more I've been discovering along the way which seem to work OK at the stage that I'm at:


    Ffidl Ffadl (Polka) G

    Tŷ a Gardd (Jig) G

    Y Dydd Cyntaf o Awst (Hornpipe) D or G

  4. On 9/17/2020 at 2:47 PM, emilyconcertina said:

     was thinking 30 button would keep me using the beginner concertina a little longer but also, I should consider the 20b versions more. 


    I started a couple of years ago and thought that I'd get a better 20-key instrument for the same money than a 30-key one. I'm glad I did this and bought a Lachenal 20-key following some great advice from Theo at the 'Box Place' - wrong side of the pond for you unfortunately. I upgraded to a 30-key model (Lachenal from Box Place) after about a year but the 20-key could have kept me going for much longer to be honest - plenty of tunes without C#. As it happened, I kept the 20-key too, but probably worth checking with the dealer what they might offer part-ex if you come to upgrade. Hope things pan out OK for you with Covid and work, and with finding a concertina!

  5. Thanks both. Primarily, I was looking for a quick way of inputting at open-mic sessions where setting up mics is a bit of a pain. I don't really want to stick velcro on my concertina though so it looks like I'll be using the mics for something else. Disappointed that the maker hasn't responded to requests though.

  6. Hi Ron,


    Did you pursue this? If so, how do you, or anyone else who's used the Feather 2, attach it to your concertina? The suction cups are too large to fit anywhere on the instrument and I've tried the other clips on the straps but they're not great there. I've tried contacting Myers via the support page twice over the last few weeks but no response.






  7. Thank you! Hope the weather holds out for your family - I'm up here on Ynys Môn too.


    Maybe I should have worded the question with emphasis on which ones you found worked well on an Anglo. Obviously, I know that a good player can make any tune work on any instrument but I'm a beginner and was just looking for suggestions about ones which translate well to the instrument. There isn't  - as far as I know, and I've been here 60 years - a great tradition of concertina tune-playing in Wales.



  8. I've tried doing an archive search of the forum but haven't come up with much. I was just wondering if any of you had been playing Welsh tunes and which ones you found worked well on an Anglo? 


    Ones I've made some headway with are:


    Môn in C (rather than the usual session D as I only have a C/G concertina at present).

    Meillionen in C

    Y Dydd in G


    Diolch yn fawr! Thanks!

  9. Just adding my tuppence-worth from the perspective of someone who was in your place a couple of months ago. I had messed around with a borrowed Hohner 20-key for about 6 months which was enough to convince me that I wanted to pursue this. I had a budget of £500 max and it seemed to me to be a choice between an OK 30-key or a better quality 20-key with limitations in terms of C# etc. I went with a Lachenal 20-key from Theo at the Box Place and am really glad I did - it feels like playing a quality instrument to me. Yes, I'm limited but I have plenty to get on with for at least a year or so and, if I do want to upgrade, it will probably hold its price fairly well. And, if I really want to play in sessions in D (nowhere near that stage yet!) I'm not sure that substituting a sensible note for a C# is going to get be thrown out. (In fact, having looked at layouts of 30-key models, it's being able to get a G on a pull and an A on the push that seems most exciting to me at present.)

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