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  1. New model of my cherepashka. Instrument under the order. Instrument term of manufacturing is 3 month. The keys of your choice. Box material: walnut or rosewood. One plate for all reeds. Price 570.
  2. Hayden, thank you for answered. I think we finished this instrument in next year. My video from contcert. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYhnwwFdFWA&feature=youtu.be this video on turtle for Brian from UK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EMfIT-yqEQ
  3. Brian, Nikolai from Moscow my teacher. he is concettina 65 7" which you want to insert the voice. I can finish it. me with Nicholas very interesting destiny for the first tool to correct mistakes.
  4. Stephen, You are right. Don Taylor, yes, I'm planing to make some of the 65 button hydens. The master's price near 2900$ and Shipping.
  5. JimLucas, Hello! Cherepashka is turtle) Welcome to my site about my instrument: www.smallaccordion.com
  6. the tool is then done through an intermediary. And this intermediary is not specifically given to the contacts of master Builder and Vice versa.
  7. Hello. My master did this concertina a few years ago (10 or 15)based on drawings from England. "Hayden concertina" pat.№2131592 NOTE POSITION 7" 65 KEY INSTRUMENT. It have one reed plate!!! And I want finished second instrument of world for this patent and has one reed plate. 1. I am the owner for this tool. 2. Looking for the developer of this concertina.
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