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  1. You'll probably do better selling a Stagi by putting it on eBay.

    Better than what? Also, I'm not sure if I'll put it on ebay or if I should put it on a swedish site, I'm not very experienced selling things really. I don't know how it'll be with shipping and such.


    I had a very nice Stagi Tenor Treble 56 button English Concertina for sale last year and it sold for around £175 on Ebay from memory. That's probably the price you will be looking at.

    I assume you paid a similar amount of money for yours, or does it not matter very much? Does it's condition and amount of use not matter much either?

  2. It's a Stagi English A 48 S Tenor without decorations, it has a stagi bag with it. The bag cost about 60 USD(but I paid in SEK, so it's approximately), the concertina itself cost 653 USD(paid both in SEK ofc)

    It's barely played and I think it had decent quality, but I can't say since I do not know much about these. Been in it's bag for most of the year.

    The reason for selling it is not due to any disappointments with the product but because I can't play it very well at all. I am a keyboardist and I'm not very experienced in that area yet either. So I'm probably going to buy a melodica to "replace" it, being a portable free reed instrument as well, difference being that I know how to play keys and have had experience with playing melodicas before.

    If anyone has any other idea of where I could ask on the net about the price, I'd be happy to receive a link to the place.

    EDIT: The title was cut off, this thread is asking about what price I should sell it at.

  3. I'm looking to buy my first english concertina today and I'm going to buy a Stagi English A48-S. The question is if I should choose tenor or treble(baritone is available as well but I don't want one too low).

    Is the treble too high and annoying or is it smooth and good for leads? Or should I buy a tenor instead?

    EDIT: I found some videos, and I think treble is a safe bet, you rarely go to the highest C anyways.

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