Tuesday, April 13th, 2021
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A Little About This Site

This site is run as a non-profit (very non-profit) service to the worldwide concertina community. I love concertinas and concertina music, so it's my way of helping spread the word and the joy that is anglo (okay, and other types too) concertinas. Specifically, I really like traditional Irish music played on concertinas, but I like just about any kind of music, and playing anything on the concertina is a lot of fun. But enough about me and the site -- here are some answers to questions you may come here seeking answers to:

Do You Use Cookies?

Yes, but just to maintain very basic information necessary to make the various features, functions, and security work properly. I don't store any sort of personal information in cookies at all -- just meaningless codes that only mean something to my software. It is possible to make a site like this work without cookies, but it's a nightmare and requires a lot more programming and makes the site a lot more difficult to maintain, so please just turn on cookies in your browser if you have them off. Cookies are actually quite safe and have simply gotten a bad rap of late mostly because of misinformation spread in the popular press. More than anything else, they are simply an extremely useful tool for web programmers and allow for dynamic and interesting web sites.

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