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Marie Lachenal's concertina on ebay?

Ex Libris

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I have consulted the Delphic Oracle on things wood recognition (Robin at Lincolnshire Woodcrafts) and he is of the same opinion as me "Quarter sawn She Oak" or at a pinch another Australian Oak. Partridge? dont be daft!

Without any prompting his first response was "She Oak ,quarter sawn."

It's not going to be an Australian species, given that it was made in Britain in the 1860's. Australia was acutely short of timber in the 19th century, and did not export. It's really only in the last thirty years, since their plantations have matured and people saving rainforests mean that our traditional sources of exotics have dried up, that people have started using Australian wood in the UK.


This is a typical piece of Partridge wood, and I really can't see that from the photo anyone could say that the concertina in question is anything different.


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I was not trying to confuse the issue I just felt Kerry was being a little dismissive of a wood I considered a bit special.Myself and a lot of others would rightly or wrongly describe this veneer as partridge wood.I haven't looked at such things as dates but could it be possible this was made for her as a first instrument when she was a youngster and as she progressed so did the quality of her concertinas?

Good job it wasn't made of Harewood,Dogwood or Birdseye.Regards David.

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If at all possible, either examine the instrument personally, or have it examined by an expert, before bidding or buying it. I'm convinced it will need (at least) moderate repairs, before it would be playable.

I wish you the very best in your research and bids for this interesting instrument!


Dear Kerry and others, thanks for your really interesting discussion. I won't be bidding for this instrument myself, but with one day left to go it will be interesting to see what happens.


It's certainly a very fancy instrument and who ever is the lucky bidder will certainly have an unusual concertina, even if the original ownership may need further proof.


With no expert knowledge, anything I think about this instrument is a complete guess, but I'm going to say .... yes, I'd be inclined to believe that this has a connection with Marie Lachenel. Why not? Anyone else?



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I have had a call from the buyer of this interesting concertina, who tells me he has had an e mail from a Timber Merchant in Denmark West Australia. This man confirms my original identification of ,you guessed it "Quarter Sawn She Oak" As for Australia being short of timber,I wonder where all those Jarrah Railway sleepers must have come from 100 years ago?

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