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www.mandolincafe.com is huge and the forums are very fast moving with lots of people posting. I enjoyed it a lot in my "mandolin days." Some extremely skilled people posting in the instrument makers forum in particular.


www.fiddlehangout.com is nice, very US-centric but some nice discussions running. (I believe there's also www.banjohangout.com, but of course, I've never been there. -_- )


Both sites seem to be well moderated, not too many rules, but decency prevails. (Which is nice.)

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Reyes Accordions is 99.9374517354 % 3 row Tex Mex Conjunto Norteno style discussion; a little Vallenato.. but miniscule.


My observation .. it is rare to find something of true interest and value there.. but there is the occasional nugget of wisdom.


They also seem ( note I said "seem" ) to resent intrusion and are very defensive when facts are introduced to contest misinformation.


In spite of the modest quality and grossly obscene prices of Gabbanellis , many have bought into the myth and defend them to the death


There is a major division between the Hohner players and the Gabb defenders of the faith. This has been going on for years and its 12,436 th chapter.

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