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Tool for pressing in riveted action pivots ?

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Does anyone have any ideas for a tool to press Wheatstone riveted pivots back into a new action plate without damaging them?


Possibly based on a vise grip pliers ????






An arbor press with a specially shaped end to suit the top of the pivot would give much better control than anything hand held. The smallest arbor press would do. A drill press might be adequate, as not much force is needed. The specially shaped end would not need to be complicated if you could devise a simple way to hold them vertical while bearing down with the press.



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Thanks Chris....that's set me to thinking (my arbor press is waaay too big, the drill press has to long an arm).......the mill might be just right and has a solid stop....


I have drilled a vertical #57 pilot hole for each pin to follow (the pins are .040" thick and .100" wide w/ a pointed tip).


I'll be looking today to see if I have some type of tool holder I can adapt (?), otherwise it's making a special....

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