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concertinas and the weather


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Concertinas and the weather.

For some odd reason every time I play/practice my concertina it rains!

Does this happen to you?


I presume that you are playing indoors, so you aren't exactly getting wet. What about the poor people who busk for a living? Do they need to employ an assistant to hold an umbrella over them, to stop them getting wet? Mind you, in this sort of weather, they'd hardly have much of an audience anyway. The only living things enjoying this sort of weather at the moment, are the plants in my garden and ducks!



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So you're responsible for the weather this summer.... :lol:



*shush* don't let everyone know. :P


Of course it does!

It's a well known fact that I just made up that Charles Wheatstone was working on a weather machine when he accidentally created the Concertina. :P



Hopefully not commentary on your choice of tunes .... :o

Hmmm....what rain related tunes are there?

only ones I can think of is 'the rain it rains' and Lemon Jelly's 'Nice weather for ducks' ("all the ducks are swimming in the water..faldoraldoraldo...")


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