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Replies To Mr. James Plamondon

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GOOD FOLKS: Having only recently figured out how to access and -- more significantly -- respond to postings on the new forum site, I am preparing a response to some of the recent postings by James Plamondon. More specifically, I will be responding to (1) his queries about why the concertina lost popularity (about which I believe he is way off base); (2) his notions about meantone tuning and the layout of the buttons on the English concertina; and (3) his somewhat -- what shall I call them? -- unfair charges that the CSFRI is "hiding" its collection of English concertina music from the Victorian period.


I hope to get to it all either tomorrow or the next day (by the weekend at the latest).



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Dear Dr. Atlas, et al.,


I assure you that I did not mean to "charge" CSFRI with anything, and apologise for giving any offense. Quite the contrary, I stated that I must be missing something -- as indeed it appears that I am.


Hopefully, your reply will tell me what I was missing. :-)


Similarly, I am confident that you will be able to dispell my wayward guesses about why the concertina lost its popularity.


I particularly look forward to your thoughts on the English concertina's timbre and tuning, which I suspect would benefit from scholarly consideration.


I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to respond to my inquries. I did not expect them to be addressed by such an illustrious member of the concertina community as yourself.




James Plamondon

Abashed Newbie

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