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Teachers/mentors In West London

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Hi there. I'm giving the concertina another try after giving up a long time ago. I've come to the conclusion I need a few lessons to get me started on the right foot but there seems to be no-one in my part of the country I can get to within reason.


I'm in Ruislip, West of London, which is near Harrow and Uxbridge. I'm fairly mobile but the closest I can find at the moment is a kind offer from someone North of Luton. Concertina-wise it seems I'm in the backend of nowhere!

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I am a member of Aldbury Morris (nr Tring) and we are infested with English players and you are more than welcome to attend our practices where I am sure some guidance can be given. Unfortunatley it is very near the end of the practice season (1st May), but come and visit us when we are out dancing, list of our gigs should appear shortly on our website (see below)


Alternatively, I run a session at the Red Lion Coleshill (nr Amersham) every 1st Sunday of the month (except next month when it will be the second Sunday) we play mostly English tunes on English (x3), melodeon etc.


If any of this appeals send me a PM and we can meet.

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That surprises me. Have you been in contact with the ICA (International Concertina Association)?

John has been in touch with me, but unfortunately seems to find himself located in a black hole regarding the geographic distribution of our members - or maybe I have inverted the scientific allegory.


- John Wild

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Definitely inverted.


I can confirm that, in concertina terms, nothing is being inexorably drawn towards Ruislip. Even the Royal Mail seemed reluctant to deliver my new concertina here.


Although, I have to say that I have been heartened by the responses both here and on the ICA forum. I have my Pauline DeSnoo tutor course, my lovely, new (well circa 1860) Lachenal and the prospect of a visit to Tring which would be much less painful than some of the other options.


I'm looking forward to banging out my first tune for 10 years that isn't 'Drunken Sailor' and also to digging out some of the owner history on my Lachenal.


I have a nice, warm feeling about the next few months.

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