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Lachenal 'tutor' Model? Researching Its History


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I've just bought a Lachenal 'Tutor' model and I want to research its history.


I'm not even sure if this is the correct term for the model or if this just means its a cheaper model for students.


It is a 48 key English, 4-fold bellows, lettered buttons, accidentals black, Cs red and the others white, no bellows button, and the number 12732. The ends look rosewood-coloured but I don't think the wood is actually rosewood.


Any hints on resources I can use to research its history would be gratefully received.


piccy attached!


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Any hints on resources I can use to research its history would be gratefully received.

There is nothing available that will let you research individual instruments. But here are a few notes that might help.


1. If the serial number is correct, this instrument would have been made prior to

the name change to Lachenal & Co (c.1873). If you look on the reed pans inside the instrument you may find paper circles, and I would expect those to read "Louis Lachenal" if still original. Wheatstone records show a few Lachenal instruments with serial numbers sub 10,000 selling in the early years of the 1860s.


2. As the label reads Lachenal & Co, it suggests that the instrument was returned to Lachenal for repair or service, and a new label was fitted. But todays repairers/restorers will often add "missing" labels.


3. I've not seen the term "Tutor Model" used by Lachenal, but its normally used to suggest the basic model - mahogany ends, bone keys, paper covered deal case. There has been a recent discussion on models, see Lachenal Models which should give you plenty of info.


good luck - wes

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