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Do you mean one of these Robin? I'm afraid I no longer have my first concertina, but it was much like this one (which my mother bagged for me at an antiques fair). It says "Made in Germany" on one end and "Rosetti Rambler" and "Foreign" on the other.

I managed to stick with this for about three months before succombing to the need for something better, and bought a C/G Norman, because it was the first anglo I encountered in the shops.



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I am near Boston and will get to the Green Briar some day...Probably not until school gets out late in June, as it is a long trip on a work night for me. Keep it up, perhaps see you then!

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Quote Samantha "Do you mean one of these Robin?"


Yes that's the sort, although the one I was lent was predominantly green. It's the fake wood grain that really make you wonder about the maker's decorative taste.


Robin Madge

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Responding to Helen, Henk & Ken:


Helen: I am looking forward to the Edgely which should be here soon. But I must admit that I like the Stagi also. It has become more responsive (or is that the fact I am improving?), and it sounds generally ok, although the upper notes can be shrill. Two problems I have are: 1) a small air leak that really doesn't affect playing; and 2) there is a difference in the sound of the same note played on the same key. For example, the A on the C row is much louder and fuller than the A on the G row. I know it is not a push/pull issue because both are on the draw. Overall I have been happy with the Stagi, but I am very anxious to get the Edgely.


Henk: Once again you offer valuable encouragement. Some day I hope to play a tune with you across the ocean. Do you ever get to Ireland. I am going to be spending a bit time there (on occasion) in Kinvara, County Galway. By the way, after listening to your recording of "Boys of Bluehill" I would never accept that you are playing the concertina at a "low level." I assume that you meant that you couldn't spend as much time as you wanted. You could have your own session with the fiddle, whistle & concertina!


Ken: It would be fun if you could make one of the Boston sessions. I believe that you are well advanced beyond the slow or the slow, slow (beginner) sessions but there is a regular session at the Green Briar at 9 on Mondays. The slow and slow, slow are at 7. There are also many other session venues in the area, some of them being in the suburbs. Do you participate, and if so, where?


Alan Miller

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I started on a 20b Stagi that was so bad I would have to stop take it apart and un-stick a button before I could get through a tune. But it was enough that I was hooked. I, like tomlaw90, have to make myself QUIT rather than make myself practice.



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