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What's this squeezebox ?

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This is designed for single reeds, like a concertina (no tremolo effect).

That would be typical both of early accordions, and of later cheap models.


What could be its real worth ?

You're not talking "big bucks" I'm afraid - in fact, if I'd seen it on eBay myself, I'd probably have bid around $150 on it, though I'd have been hoping to get it for a lot less.


The thing is, these early instruments don't have "finite" values, and there's no Blue Book Guide... :unsure:


It's like the time I left a bid of $1,000.00 on a very early harmonica on eBay (see photos on this page), but it didn't fit in with the "accepted history" and none of the big harmonica collectors had a clue about it (in fact the underbidder emailed me afterwards, to ask what was it), so I was very happy to get it for only $38.00 - but that was something I knew was historically important, and that I "had to have" for my collection.

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I was trying to avoid going off at a tangent... :(

Boy oh boy, are you in the wrong place! ;)

You can say that again! :rolleyes:


Mind you, I went off on a few interesting tangents myself last night (when I was Googling to try & find a good illustration of a "typical" flutina) - that's what took some of the time, and in the end I finished up frustrated & having to "doctor" an image that I already had on my computer... :(

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Could you please send pictures of your similar-looking German accordions, Stephen ?

I was planning on scanning the images I have of those 1840s Viennese ones, and photographing some of my German ones that display similar features, but that will take time.

OK, so here are some Viennese patent models, from the early 1840s:



Christian Steinkelner1840



Michael Simon1840



Johann Remenka1842


You'll see that they all have a similar bass end to yours, and if you combine some of their other features, with something (the keys and the black-painted keyboard) of my Demian accordion, you can arrive at an accordion kinda' resembling what you've bought - they have a common "vocabulary".

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Sorry Stephen. Next time say 'Honestly Dirge, that really is too much, just sod off and play with your duets' and I promise not to be offended.

How about "Crawl back under your Morgan, you Antipodean Maccannic!" :P


Would that do? :unsure:


Doesn't even require any imagination on my part...

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