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Helmholtz - The Just English Concertina

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Just noticed....don't know why I missed it before...page 470.....




Do you mean the description of the instrument in the appendix ?

I also noticed it. The appendix is by Ellis, the english translator who actually added a lot to the original book

(in particular he seems to be the inventor of the notation of intervals with "cents", commonly used now ).

This description is quite interesting ; however this instrument was apparently used only for experiments

with tunings, not really for musical performance.

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Works OK for me. Try this alternate link: http://books.google.com/books?id=x_A5AAAAI...amp;output=text


Amazingly garbled scan. It's a beautiful example of how many of the great works of Western Civilization are going to be lost as we scan books digitally and the paper, softer than the parchement used by the ancients, crumbles quickly into dust.

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