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Concertina on a ship

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Well, I'm home now. I had an amazing time, though not as much as music as I'd have liked when we did get to play it was great.

Probably the best time was in Port Colborne, when the world's most looked forward to banjo arrived via Intern's parents, Michael got out his mandolin, Brad took the guitar and we sat outside of the ship on the sidewalk and played for the fun of it, old-time, bluegrass, a blend of everything and it was great. We all somehow managed to be dressed old-timey (long skirt, plaid shirts and hats, etc) at the same time, and attracted a pretty good crowd from those passing by the waterfront. It was awesome, a few people stayed and danced, our shipmates wandered back and sat listening, the sun set and the street lights came on, and we kept going. It was what music is all about to me, and so, so, so much fun. Life is good, it really is.


Sailing was incredible too, but since this is mostly a musical site I figured I'd point out that aspect of my trip...... :P

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