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Wheatstone Strap Hooks. Replace

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My Linota's hand straps has the hooks on a pivot that one pushes down into a hole in the straps, inorder to adjust them. As opposed to the buttons that you screw in with your fingers. Does that make sense?


I have alot of trouble with these. I keep having to bend the point of the hook into the strap hole with a pliers and eventually it will probably break.


My question is would it be awful to replace these with screw device?I guess I would screw it in to the bottom end of the handle?


Would that be sacreligeous?


Does anyone have that same problem? What was your solution?





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The last time that I broke off one of the points I looked around for a piece of metal to solder into place as a replacement for the point. Being a railway modeller I found that a short length of "OO" (4mm to the foot scale) rail, about 2-3cm long, suitable filed to a rounded point and cleaned up could be soldered inside the metal loop and prodruding in place of the point. The rail I used is made from nickle-silver, but rail from the average train-set is usually steel. You should be able to get brass rod in several diameters from a model/hobby shop or a reasonable tool shop.

You need to clean up the metal to get a good soldered joint. I use a glass fibre pen, rather like a propelling pencil, obtainable from model/hobby shops.

If you have a metal hook that looks weak and about to break I should reinforce it before it goes.


Robin Madge

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