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I've developed a routine now every time I log onto this site. Before I do anything else, I click the "Read new posts" link near the top of the page. This brings up a list of topics with posts since my last visit to the site. Just to the left of each topic name is a little low square icon that, if I click it, brings up the new posts. After reading the new posts, I hit the browser's "back" button and choose a new topic from the list.


I am still a little unsatisfied with this. I don't know if this overlooks items that were posted while I was logged on (last time). That is, if they had not yet been posted last time I logged on but their posting times are before I logged off, will I see them next time I ask for new posts?


I also have my preferences set to send me e-mail notification of new posts in topics I am interested in, but this seems to work only sproradically.


I know I am missing posts that I find incidentally when I am looking for something else.


Why can't individual posts me flagged as "read" and "unread"? I see these words in some of the documentation, but I don't see any way to implement them.


Anybody have a better system?

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