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Sadly, it just shows how gullible & vulnerable some people can be, especially when they are on the Net.


By the way Ishtar, where can I send my money, I really must get myself a pair of those "X-ray specs"? ;)


have you worn the last pair out already? :o The new improved version is more expensive, since it incorporates a certain French "je ne sais quoi", but I promise you will not be disappointed. ;) Cheque to the usual address.

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Over at www.thesession.org members can only start one new discussion per day.


Is it possible to restrict the number of people a member here can send PMs to per day?


Many thanks to all those who keep these forums clean for their intended purpose.



Another option would be to allow private messaging only after a certain number of posts.


And yes ! - thank you for keeping this place so peaceful, and free of spam. I think in all those years, I spotted spam only 3 times (admitting I haven't been around a lot lately).


The good news is that it made some of us raise their grey heads.



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