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Nickle-ended Lachenal 48-button English treble

Matthew Heumann

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For Sale: Lachenal 48-button English treble. Inside label of "J.J Vickers" predates 1923

-in very good condition

-ebony sided w/ metal ends, plating in excellent condition

-action good, tone mellow

-bellows in good condition

-original leatherette box

-recently tuned

-was asking $2,200, now reduced (given the Hard Times) to $1,700 -includes regular UPS shipping and insurance (in USA)

-instrument sent when check/money order clears

*My good friend Frank Edgley of Edgley Concertinas is familiar with this instrument and agrees with its condition and fair asking price.---Matt Heumann, Chelsea MI, USA

Inquiries to: braeburnmusic1028@gmail.com


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hallo, it is a real nice instrument but can you put an mp3 file so we can hear it?

thanks Diana


Diana: Sorry it took a while to respond. If you email me your email address to: braeburnmusic1028@gmail.com I'll be glad to record an mp3 for you, I don't want to take up Concertina.net bandwidth with an mp3.


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