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What have I done?

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You're welcome! And I will in turn thank George Salley (who uses the c.net ID shipcmo) for refining and writing up that repair technique in the first place.






I went by a hobby shop today and picked up some of the specified tubing--the product has been discontinued, but they had some leftovers. I took it apart with my handy brad puller, and proceeded to replace the rubber gaskets, which had dried up and fallen apart--the rattling, in fact, was just loose dried-out rubber bits.


I can see that this will never be a great instrument--the machining on the button posts leaves much to be desired and will never be tight enough to prevent the occasional stuck key--but it'll do for a fun beginner's box.


Thanks again for the all the advice and encouragement, and thanks in particular to Daniel Hersh for pointing me to the fix-it page.

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