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Noel Hill

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What's the latest news? How did Noel's workshops in Ballyvaughan go?


From a note an attendee sent Linda and she passed along.


Those of us who were able to attend Noel's winter class in Ballyvaughn were delighted and relieved to see that he is making great progress in his recovery.  Although he still has pain from his injuries and tires more easily, he seemed to pick up strength and energy as the week unfolded.  We got some great tunes and techniques from our classes.  It will likely be some time before he completely heals, but we think that he will be able to handle the three weeks of teaching this summer with his usual verve and drive.  Hopefully, he will be returning to his normal class schedule in Ireland as well.  He told us all several times how much he has appreciated all of the good wishes, cards, and calls from his friends and students...
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