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Neck Cord

Nanette Hooker

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:Sighs deeply: ... but I want to play standing up. Sitting down doesn't achieve that. :P


Stand with one foot on a stool/low chair so that your leg is available to support the concertina.

There is no need. My neck strap works perfectly and is very comfortable. It also allows me total freedom of movement... whether standing or sitting or moving around. Standing with one leg on a stool/chair ties me down to one spot (and I would probably fall over after a while!) :lol:

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I use a camera strap as a neck strap, its broader than a cord and distributes the weight.

However I am also attracted by Goram's handles and intend to make some of these also.

How you hold a concertina is an engineering problem and there is always room for

innovation and improvement.

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