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46b Rosewood Lachenal McCann duet


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I've persevered with this for a few weeks, but have resigned myself to being an Anglo player at heart, and would like to put the money into an Anglo.


This beautiful little box is a dead ringer for the one here (kevin Gow's box, middle of page)




It is in amazing external condition with the original gold-tooled handstraps (both) and label, fretwork in perfect condition and perfect bellows with unusual lachenal balck and gold papers. It has been lightly cleaned but still has a patina of age about it. It could be further restored to "as new" condition quite easily if one was so disposed.


It has been retuned, repadded and valved by Dave Elliot and is playing rally nicely. I've managed to work a few tunes out, but I'm an in-out kind of person after all. Steel Reeds.


Photos on request. I'm looking for £800 o.n.o, which is below the insurance estimate and about 600 quid less than buying a similar box from Hobgoblin or Music Room.





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Here are some pics, more on request. Fully restored internally but have done as little as possible on the outside!


Open to offers and trades for Ab/Eb anglo or other unusual key combos!


Price dropped to £700 shipped in the UK, otherwise off to the great wastes of eBay

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I'm potentially interested if you don't mind me coming and trying it out first. I'm off work Mon/Tue next week, so I could potentially get up in the day (but would need to be back in Leicester by 3:00 to pick the kids up).




Jon - sent you a PM - I'm teaching all week next week, but you're welcome to try at your convenience otherwise.

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