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My friend's cat would come in from the fields if someone started to play the 'tina. He would then attempt to climb inside it or sit on the box. He would put his paws in the bellows (no claws) to try and stop it being worked. If all else failed he would take hold of an offending hand and bite, gently at first but if you still didn't get the message he would go for blood, all the while staring into the face of the player.

Once the music stopped he would get down and go back outside!

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Dear Friends,


My Anglo 'playing' is pretty rudimentary and I have noticed that the cat (a 2 year-old grey fluffy tom adopted about 4 months ago) really hates the instrument. After only a few seconds of 'playing' the beast does everything in his power to get out of the room/house even if there is wind/rain/sleet/hail/snow outside.


Do other cat-owning-concertina-'playing'-owners have this same problem?


Should I confess to the RSPCA*? :unsure:






*translation for non-UK folks; Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals




I thought it was 'Royal Society for the Promotion of Concertinas to Animals... :rolleyes:

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I once tamed a feral cat as a pet. I worked out of town and would go to my parents house on weekends where the cat lived. When I got home on Friday, I would go out on the driveway and start playing my old 20 button Bastari. Within about ten minutes, the cat would show up from the woods across the street. Perhaps one of the few instances of cat calling with the concertina.

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