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Having heard Jackie Daly (with Patrick Street) recently I fell wildly in love with the concertina. I am well-versed in trad as I play whistles high and low, but would like to receive any advice you could offer a pre-beginner on where and what to buy, and how to learn.


Many thanks...

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There is a wealth of information on the home page www.concertina.net under "Buyer's Guide." Topics include:




• Concertina Buyer's Guide: reviews, links, comments, photos, and more

• Concertina Weights

• Concertina Cases: New is Often Better, by Randy Merris

• Time for an English?, by Roger Digby

• Choosing a Chromatic Row Layout On Anglo, by Ken Coles

• If It's Not A C/G, What Is It? [Keys], by Ken Coles

• Wheatstone Anglos, numbers 50,000+, by Bob Gaskins

• Dating Your Concertina - A Summary Guide, by Wes Williams

• Dating Lachenal Anglo Concertinas: A More Accurate Method, by William Meredith

• Dating and Placing of Jeffries Concertinas, by Randy Merris

• A Thumbnail Classification of Concertinas, by Dan Richardson

• Another Opinion On Accordion-Reeded Concertinas, by Ken Coles

• Of Reeds, Shoes, and Acoustics, by Dana Johnson

• Concertina vs. Accordion Reeds, by Dana Johnson

• A "German Standard Concertina", by John Dallas

• Inside a Crabb, by Mark Stayton

• Concertina Guild, by Frank Edgley

• Some Commentary by Wes Williams

• Hayden Duet Resource List, by Ken Coles

• Psst, buddy -- wanna buy a concertina? Concertinas and internet auctions and sales.

• A Photo Gallery

• Mr. Coles goes to The Button Box: A shocking pictorial

• A Tale of Two Jeffries: How Paul went from one Lachenal to two Jeffries in under a month

• C&R Dipper "Cotswold" anglo concertina review

• Anatomy of an anglo concertina

• Info and photos of a 49-key Jeffries

• Mystery Lachenal

• Mystery Wheatstone



Happy reading!


:rolleyes: Pam

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