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David and Greg, thanks for the few links you posted here. I love the Kitty Lie Over from Noel Hill. I'm not really a big fan of the actual music Noel Hill plays, I mean, just as a matter of taste, but in term of technique I am completely mesmerized by what he's doing. I get the feeling sometimes it's as if he were playing the pipes, but with the concertina. It's just mind blowing.


Edel Fox is much closer to what I really love, and gosh, I love her phrasing. Those videos are great, and I actually caught a few tricks by watching her fingers and the buttons she chooses in a couple of tunes, gives me pointers and ideas on how to better phrase some part of some tunes.


The Drunken Sailor, isn't a wonderful hornipe? It's a true jewel. I feel it's almost blasphemous to play this tune if you don't totally master it. There's so much to that tune it's a shame to waste it with shaky playing. I'll be practicing that one for months before I ever play it in public :-)


i'm sure noel would be happy to hear that you thought it sounded like he was playing the pipes, because that is very much what he is going for. he talks briefly about the influence of willie clancy on him in this program by tg4, canúinti ceoil: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YU3ksD0Lnjk . i would recommend to watch all three.


from what i can tell, she is fingering very closely (or following exclusively) noel hill's system of fingering. i cannot say for certain whether or not she is, because it would take me a couple days to comb through a video and piece together every finger she is using for every note. does anyone know how closely she follows noel's system?

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