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The Wounded Hussar (Captain O'Kane)

michael sam wild

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I've been playing this tune a lot on my 26 button C/G Jeffries. . It's in G minor from the dots I've got, which uses Eb and Bb buttons a lot. . What do people do in this key for chords etc ??




I have always played in Em. I don't know if that is how Mr. O'Carolin wrote it, but its how I learned it.



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Thanks fjb


I tried it in Em but felt it went too high. Thanks anyway cos it made me try other minor keys I could get on my 26 button Anglo



Incidentally, I really like Gm (maybe it's the Bb and Eb) and messing around with the scale led me to playing (in a rudimentary fashion admittedly)

My Funny Valentine, I Give her all My Love, Autumn Leaves, A Rosebud in June, Dalesman's Litany, Fare thee well to Old England, and a whaling song whose title I can't remember


Chords of Gm, Cm and Dm are possible on my box



I will now stretch myself to other minor keys. It's all grist to the mill.


I've always liked Dm for ITM and I know it was commonly played on the old 20 button C/G concertinas on the C row

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Thanks Peter, I'll try it to your dots tomorrow when I'm back near my box.


P.S. Thanks for that link to 'The Irishmen' film - my family were very moved by the memories it brought back. The young ones never really appreciated what I and my Dad (RIP) were going on about.Isn't the web a great thing!? At the time the 'Paddies' in England were the butt of stereotyped jokes and cracks but weren't those men articulate and aware of the politics of the new Ireland and the way it failed its own people and forced them away for work? Our post office in Manchester was always host to men sending home the postal orders. Ireland's loss was our gain. My family came over in 1856 from Mayo during the famine years and our community was always welcoming to new waves of emigrants ( immigrants). Those young men had a hard and often lonely time . That song of Ralph Mc Tell's . 'Clare to Here' was very expressive.


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