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Period Pains!


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Hi Dick,

I have arthiritic thumbs. I find that the weight, balance and overall "playability" of an instrument is quite an individual thing literally "in my hands".

One factor may have to do with placement of the thumbstraps and an instrument's center of gravity. Another variable may be my expectations from an instrument and how I "attack" to get the sound I want. I've found wrist straps anywhere from "in the way" to essential depending on the instrument.

There doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule; one treble works better for me with wrist staps; one doesn't. I was having a devil of a time with an Edeo t/t

until I installed w. straps and now it's a favorite. Surprisingly, a baritone treble plays quite well (primarilly on both knees) without engaging the w. straps.


I think it can be worthwhile to review the Goran Rahm posts on ergonometrics or visit his current You Tube offerings.


When I began playing anglo Paul Groff gave me some great cautionary advice that it could take time (years in my case) to develope the support musculature in playing Irish Trad. I suppose it is a combination of evolving technique and body accomodation.


So I guess I'm saying you'll probably need to experiment and find your best way to get along with your new baritone.


Good luck! Sounds like a great, new adventure.



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Thanks Greg.


Yes, I've been in touch with Goran & he has given me some very useful advice.


It's a bit frustrating to think that I never ever got any aches or strains or pains when I was learning to play the Anglo.

However, it is also true that back then I was in my late 20s. I guess my body, in my late 50s is not just quite so supple & versatile! :(


When all's said & done, the fact of the matter is I have two truly magnificant instruments, so I guess I'll just have to be patient & try and adapt to a style which is most comfortable to me & the particular Concertina I'm playing.


It is proving to be a fascinating journey. B)




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