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This is a really, really, really open ended question but what can I get for around $1000? I am interested in all types: Anglo, English and Duets. I want to avoid the Stagi/Bastari lower end models if possible and am not sure if my $1000 will buy anything. Please be gentle as I don't know much about these instruments but I know they sound nice and I'd like to start on my way.

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I agree with Henk's comment... Try to find a used "mid-tier" accordion reeded instrument. There are a variety of good ones out there now... They have the advantage of new solid construction and fast action. You probably won't find one for $1000, but $1300-$1400 should get you a nice instrument. Also, you should be able to get close to 100% of your money out of it if/when you sell it... Don't go for a cheap lachenal....




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