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Royal Concertinas

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Around 9 players (including some new faces) of a number of interesting varieties of anglo and english gathered together for a pint of Full Steam Ahead (Cottage Brewery, West Lydford, Somerset, I think) and the obligatory sarnies.


We tried to make the session a broad spectrum of concertina-friendly tunes most people knew and they are listed below


Jimmy Allan

Brighton Camp

Winster Gallop

Salmon Tails

'Till The Tide Comes In

Mrs O'Dwyers Favorite

Dingle Regatta

Merrily Kiss The Quaker

Horses' Branle

Steamboat Hornpipe

Navvie On The Line

Buttered Peas

Princess Royal

Jenny Lind Polka

Because He Was A Bonny Lad

Herd On The Hill

Wild Colonial Boy

Bonny Breastknots

Double Lead Through

Stoney Steps

Barrington Hornpipe

The Pikemans'


The Sloe

Herbert Snmith's Fourhand Reel

Dorset Fourhand Reel

City of Savannah

Saddle The Pony

Blackthorn Stick

Rakes of Kildare

Ashoken Farewell

Da Slockit Light

Off to California

Proudlocks Hornpipe

Fiery Clockfeace

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