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Concertina Face

Bill N

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It's funny, when I play concertina I get the blank, slack-jawed look you're describing, but when I play guitar or mandolin I do the "white man's overbite" (ie, biting my lower lip in the Bill Clinton concerned kind of look).

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I've been playing Anglo for about 8 months now, and have recently tackled "right hand melody- left hand accompaniment" style playing, which I never thought I'd be able to do. Something clicked while working through "Constant Billy" with the Bertram Levy CD though, and I surprized myself.


However, my wife started to laugh when I played it for her. She said I had the strangest look on my face- kind of an Elvis sneer! I realized that when I play 2 handed, my head automatically turns down and to the left, the left corner of my mouth lifts a bit, and my left nostril flares. No joke!


Does anyone else experience Concertina Face, or have an explanation?

I don't think the expression of concentration or emotion is unique to the concertina or musicians, but sticking with music, if you watch Keith Jarret on piano, for example, his entire body responds to the music; alternately standing, sitting, etc.

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Ooh, this reminds me of a blog post I read a while back... a study was done where they monitored musicians brains while they were playing. They found that when they were really into whatever they were playing, the part of the brain that monitors self behavior basically shuts down. Maybe that explains your concertina face... just tell your wife it's proof you're creative...


Let me see if I can find the link...


Hey! Found two...





Thanks for those 2 interesting links. My missus says if we're so clever why can't we wash up , clean and play the concertina all at once!

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