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reed pan construction

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Wood Toxicity list Here


I had a look in my Wood Dictionary and seeing as it was published in Feb 1938 no mention of toxicity in those days .




The worse for me, has been Cocobolo for me. I commonly use Cocuswood, Blackwood, Ebony, Boxwood, and Mopane, but I do not use Cocobolo anymore! Puffy skin irritation, very toxic. Boxwood is probably the least toxic. Dust collection and hepa filter, will solve the problem. With Cocobolo, wear a HASMAT suit!


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This kind of goes along with reed pan construction. For a reed pan with accordion reeds does anyone put leather between the wood of the reed pan and the reeds for a better seal?

I did - well, you have to. We aren't talking about to pieces of polished, hardened tool steel, so there must be some way of creating a seal.

Unless you lock them in wax, like you see in accordions.


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