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Structured Practise

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Well I received my Rochelle a couple of days ago and I think I'm getting a little more comfortable handling it. Accessing the air button and using it whilst playing is probably the trickiest thing I've stumbled upon. But anyway, I'm plodding around getting familiar with the instrument and learning where the notes are. There's been a lot of talk on this forum previously about innate musicality/rhythm/talent versus hard work. That aside, I think everyone agrees that if you want to improve you have to make the effort to improve, and that means time playing and studying the instrument. I know everyone is likely to have their own ideas but I'm definitely of the opinion that practise/training sessions need a structure and I would like to hear from others who take this approach. What would you recommend I focus on as a beginner? Right now I guess I'm learning where the notes are and practising running up and down the C & G scales and picking out a simple tune. Ultimately, obviously, I want finger dexterity, a repertoire of tunes I know inside out and good rhythm ... hmmm. It is funny that in all the resources for concertina I haven't come across any suggested structures for a practise session. Maybe it should be obvious?

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