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New bellows for my Boyd

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Hi, out there... After 30 years of heavy playing the bellows of my Boyd Wheatstone are falling to bits:-(


I have never seen bellows as subtle and thin as those original ones. Hence I'm very reluctant to change them.


Please let me know your good and bad experiences with new ( EC ) bellows and the makers thereof.


What are butterfly bellows and what are the pros of all leather bellows???


6, 7, 8 or more folds? Your opinoin!


Do you know anybody, who does a good job repairing bellows ( an option?!?).

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I believe Rosalie Dipper's are probably the best available now.

Hi Robin,


I agree with this statement, and they will probably withstand many years of "robust" playing. However, I don't think that we should raise Robert's hopes too high.


Colin and Rosalie do very little repair work, nowadays, apart from serving long-term customers. We all know it impacts on their order book. As a favour, they are putting new bellows (and doing a few minor repairs) on a Jeffries which belongs to a friend of mine. Who knows; the mention of my name might have delayed the process :unsure: , but I am still to hear about the joyful return (and get a chance to play it!) a year later. I only live two miles from my friends, and did ask the question the last time that I spoke to Colin (Rosalie was out, so he could not answer the question!).


So; by all means ask the question of the Dippers, but Robert should be prepared to be without a favourite concertina for a long time!




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