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Concertina Limericks


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I know someone in this town must’ve seena :unsure:

She’s my lovely and sweet concertina

I took her out to play

And I think she ran away

with a melodeon named Carl from Argentina :(


Harmonicas to me are quite sedate

That’s a subject I’m sure you’ll all debate

But you know some aren’t legit <_<

and that’s exactly what you get

when melodeons and concertinas mate :o

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I warned ye in another post I might do this.


Tiny Dancer

There once was a young ballerina :wub:

She liked my old concertina

I said "Come over and play

Just pick any day

I'll be at the city marina."


I waited a very long time

For ths sweet young thing to be mine

It was years till she showed

Now she resembles a toad

When once she was so sublime


Then I thought of a children's story

Where a princess was brought back to her glory

So I kissed her and then

She socked me square on the chin

I felt like I'd been hit by a lorry :wacko:

Sometimes fate can be cruel

What once was a prescious jewel

The dancer named Anne

Had turned into a man

Her name was now Andy O'tool :(

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There once was a Crane in the attic

Its state - sad to say - quite dramatic

with rust on the reeds

the push hardly pleased

the sound upon pull - pure pathetic


In comes a tardy restorer

A rentless, persistent explorer

of attics where bellows

And other poor fellows

are waiting for an overhauler


The job is rather affording

but in the end it's rewarding

as he turns the last screw

it's as good as was new

and aids with a lot of recording.

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Technical Difficulty


That one reed just didn't sound right dry.gif

So I took my box into the light

As I tackled my tuning chore

All the buttons and reed frames fell to the floor :angry:

Reassembly took me all night :(






Somtimes I just want to quit

I'll never be good at this $#!&

So I store it away

And the very next day

I'm practicing lickety split

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