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Someone acted quickly

John Pearse

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Only 5 viewings and it's gone.


The seller who didn't do his research? :o




Or will the repair cost be higher than I imagine?


How did I miss this one? I usually monitor eBay at 3-4 times each day.

Guess someone nipped in between my eBay perusals.


Mind you it need some work on the fretwork.



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Hmmm.... zero-rated seller. Describes instrument as 24 key (like s/he'd only seen photos of one end), can't answer questions as not a musician, but appears to know about valves. <_< . Pardon my cynicism, like. (Not a very good scam, if it was one -- letting her go for £120 :lol: ).

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---Yes, can anyone estimate what it WILL cost, to repair that fretwork?...


If it is ebony, it will pulverize and the flat ends will have to be replaced. It could be made stronger with some types of glue that Making new ones and reproducing the pattern takes much time, apart from that a part of the pattern is already gone. I guess that it will cost you a couple of hundreds kuzbanian foobs but if you have the time you can make it a nice project if you can do it yourself....

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