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In Nashville, Dec. 3rd through the 12th, 2008


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Hi, I'm visiting Nashville, Tennessee, USA, for a bit. If anyone nearby would like to see a Wakker Hayden duet, or talk music or something, let me know. I'll be visiting the old-time Jam on Wednesday at the 5-Spot, probably play some bones there (no concertina). I'll also be at Allison Williams' record release at the 5-Spot on Saturday the 6th, looks like fun:







I also wouldn't mind suggestions of cool things to see or do in the city, recommendations of good ethnic restaurants, traditional music shows, or anything else.

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Hi Jeff,


You might enjoy dropping in on Gibson's workshop / store in the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville:




I believe that they make all their mandolins, banjos, and Dobros there and you can see the luthiers performing their magic if you go on a weekday. We saw lots of pretty shavings on the Sunday that we went, alas, the only day we could manage.


Please keep recording your wonderfully entertaining videos on your Hayden Duet, bones, and upon whatever else you'd care to treat us to. I'm sorting life out on my Crane Duet and it's inspirational to watch and listen to a fine Duet player.


Happy Trails,

Henri VIII

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